About AllPros 

We’re on a mission to improve home improvement (finally!)

You may have noticed – the home services industry isn’t exactly leading the Digital Revolution.

Fact is, homeowners still prefer old-school referrals over trusting painter/plumber/contractor/carpenter strangers with their home projects. It’s been that way for generations.

So George and Thomas Liu had an idea:  what if we digitally harness the trust in traditional word-of-mouth, and the professional excellence in the notion of the pros’ pro, together in a digital platform, a referral engine, that makes it easier for homeowners and trusted pros to find each other, and work with each other…using a simple app?

Leveraging their experience creating a home services company in 2013 which involved applying technology to problem-solve operational issues in the home service industries, they proudly launch AllPros – the smartest way yet to improve home improvement, for homeowners and home service pros.

The real magic behind AllPros? The technology. A proprietary referral engine generates trustworthy pro referrals by analyzing who your pros would recommend, who your neighbors use, and other real-world factors. AllPros takes the risk and guesswork out of finding the right pros for the job.

The AllPros app also makes it easy to continue to work with your go-to pros, all in one place. Having your own reliable pro team at your fingertips beats searching for new pros every time you need one.

AllPros. It’s all about Credible referrals. Incredible pros.